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Winter Wildlife in the Caribbean

Published on January 16, 2017 by admin

When traveling to certain destinations in the world, there are advantages to scheduling your trip for certain times of the year. A perfect case in point is here in Playa del Carmen! Why? Because of the variety of sea life that that basks in the coastal waters at various times of the year.

What brings you to Mexico? If you’re like most of us, it’s the warm weather, sandy beaches and insanely beautiful water, not to mention the fascinating coral reef that thrives just below the surface!

Did you know that through the winter months is when bull sharks visit and the rare spotted eagle rays can be seen and enjoyed? There are other amazing and equally rare marine life that can be found at other times of the year, but during the winter is when you can be in the water with these beauties.

The spotted eagle rays usually migrate in large numbers—around 500 in a flock—and arrive in this part of Mexico around the beginning of January. You can often see them gliding through the water as you snorkel or dive along the Yucatan Peninsula. With their graceful movements and beautiful spots, they are mesmerizing to watch!

As for bull sharks, they also travel in groups. Usually during the months of December through February you can dive with these muscle heads. Sometimes, depending on the weather, they arrive a little earlier.

You will find that dive shops here offer cage-less diving experiences. It’s usually adrenaline-packed, for all you adventure seekers out there! With that being said, if you follow the instructions of the dive master or dive shop you go with, there are never problems, as the sharks are more interested in finding nesting sites for their babies than much else.

So just listen, watch, take pictures and soak up the natural beauty surrounding you during Mexico’s winter months.

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