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Published on March 20, 2017 by admin

Most travelers bound for Mexico’s sunny coastline can’t wait to get out on the beach, throw a towel down and lay in the sun and relax.

Not long after having settled in and unwinding for a couple days, do you feel ready for a little activity and excitement?

One of the fastest-growing and most popular activities on the water is stand up paddle boarding (commonly shortened to SUP). Involving balance and core strength, it’s also a great way to chill. You can just get out on the water and bask in the sun, clear your head and ride a few waves if you can find them.

There are several SUP rental places now throughout Playa del Carmen; some even offer lessons. It will probably cost around $25 – $30 USD per hour to rent. A full day rental is usually the best value, especially if there are a few in your group who are interested in trying it.

Too slow-paced for you? Maybe you would be more interested in kite-boarding! This exciting watersport involves a bit more of a learning curve, especially if you have never been wake-boarding or surfing before. That means it’s not quite as conducive to being an easy-going day activity. But you can sign up for a few lessons and you might just get hooked on it for the long term. There are a variety of different packages available around town if you think this fun sport might be your cup of tea.

Another option that doesn’t involve nearly as much work and practice is parasailing. It’s basically a joy ride at a couple hundred feet above the water! The views looking out over the city of Playa del Carmen are fantastic. You’ll be blown away by the different hues of blue in the water between the island of Cozumel and Playa! Parasailing is an amazing and thrilling activity… if you can get over your fear of heights!

Another option for a great time on the water is renting a jet-ski. These can easily be found as you stroll along the beach. If you’re under 16, you will need to be with an adult. This activity will generally cost around $50 USD per half hour, but is a lot of fun.

Needless to say, if you’re looking for something to do out on the water and right off the beach, these are a handful of great options you may want to try more than once!

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