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Sea Turtle Season

Published on November 11, 2016 by admin

Some of the most fascinating, graceful creatures to observe arrive every year on the beaches of the Yucatan, between May and November. For what purpose?

It’s so they can dig a nest and lay upwards of 200 eggs, burying them beneath the soft sand. The docile swimmers being described are green and loggerhead sea turtles.

Many beaches along the Mayan Riviera are monitored and protected turtle-nesting sites. This creates two exciting prospects if you visit Playa del Carmen during the season!

If you want to get in the water and snorkel or scuba dive, the beautiful Caribbean Sea is home to a large number of turtles of different species. Often they can even be seen on the surface flapping and splashing around. Especially in places like Akumal (roughly a 20 minute drive south of Playa del Carmen), you can observe them grazing on the seagrass or just chilling and enjoying life in the shallow waters of the bay.

The other unique and amazing experience you can sign up for is to be present to watch these tiny hatchlings clamber from their nest to their very first swim in the ocean. In some cases you might even be able to help them climb out so they can get to the water!

Often many resorts will do ‘turtle walks’ where they will take guests and other visitors to watch this adorable process happen. Also there are certain beaches that are less-developed and centered around turtle nesting.

About 30 minutes’ drive south of Playa is one such place called Xcacel. Here, away from city lights, crowds and pollution, the baby turtles get a better chance of survival. This beach is taken care of by the a group called Flora, Fauna, & Culture. If you wish to observe the baby turtles’ maiden voyage to the sea, which happens two months after they are buried in their nest, you can send an email to Juan Jose for a reservation:

There is so much to do and enjoy when you’re vacationing in the Mayan Riviera! For an experience your family won’t soon forget, visit the sea turtles when you next stop by Playa del Carmen.

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