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Renting a Car in Mexico

Published on August 31, 2015 by admin

Have you read the reviews, or heard the horror stories? Has it scared you from ever seriously considering renting a car and driving around the Yucatan? Hopefully we can give a little different perspective with a significantly more positive spin!

The first fear might be: Is it safe?

When you talk with the all-inclusive travelers, they’re usually quick to say: “Don’t venture out of your resort, it’s NOT SAFE.” I would put a friendly wager on the fact that anyone saying that has never been off the resort themselves. They are missing out on a lot! (You’re already ahead of the game by staying at a vacation rental instead of a resort. Click here for reasons why!)

There is so much to see and experience beyond Playa del Carmen! Beautiful parks, secluded beaches, cenotes, ruins, fantastic food, quaint little villages, and the list goes on and on! All within 30 to 40 minutes’ of the city.

A great, safe way to explore the area is by renting a car. Sure, there are many activities and sights that can be seen by taking a bus or arranging transportation from your condo. But you are still paying for that service. Usually you’re picked up early and dropped off late, and/or everyone in your group has to be ready at specific times. (My opinion on that? No, thank-you… I’m on vacation!)

The second fear may be that you can never trust the rental quotes, or the agencies in Mexico.

What’s the one discrepancy between rental agencies in Mexico and countries like the USA? Mexico claims that you need to pay a “personal liability insurance.” This often isn’t included in the quoted price of your rental. By law, agencies must include it in the quoted price. If you run into this issue, you can chance fighting it, which may be a hassle. But in my experience, if you rent from Hertz or Europcar, the quoted price is accurate and usually the best in town! I would also recommend renting in Playa or away from the airport since it will be cheaper.

There is so much to do and see within the state of Quintana Roo. The federal highway up and down the coast is well maintained and easily traveled. Puerto Morelos and Tulum are two great towns I recommend checking out (just to the north and south of Playa).

You can really get away from it all and sight-see on your own terms! If you’re the adventurous sort, don’t let the reviews or scuttlebutt scare you off from exploring the beautiful Mayan Riviera by rental car.

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