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Mu’s Burger House

Published on December 16, 2018 by Kelly Storhaug

It is commonly understood that the majority of travelers to Mexico and Playa del Carmen are looking forward to large quantities of Mexican food, fish tacos, al pastor, and maybe fresh seafood.

Burgers might not even be on your radar during your vacation!

But, if we’re honest, after 5 or 6 days of stuffing our faces with all different types of tacos and various other authentic Mexican food, we might just start craving something familiar like a nice, juicy, good ol’ fashioned burger!

So where in the Riviera Maya would you go to get a decent hamburger?

This is a very good question… the burgers in Mexico in general just don’t seem to measure up to what you might be accustomed to in your home country, and the reason why is a little puzzling. Is it the beef, or is it just they way the burgers are cooked and prepared?

We can’t quite put our finger on it. So that is why the story of Mu Burger House needs to be told.

Not located on or even near Playa del Carmen’s very popular 5th avenue, it would be easy to miss. It’s tucked away on 40th Avenue between 4th & 6th street (across from the long-time local favorite Cheester’s restaurant which we also HIGHLY recommend).

If you you hit that point in your trip where you just want a fat, tasty burger paired with a nice craft beer, Mu burger house is a fantastic option for Playa. The vibe is very chill, with very well used space.

There’s a small air-conditioned indoor seating area and bar, as well as outdoor covered seating, and a garden area in the back where you can sit under the palm trees. It has a youthful vibe with excellent service to complement the atmosphere and food.

Speaking of food, what’s on the menu? Naturally, burgers! But there’s an incredible variety, with a ton of toppings both unique and traditional, served with a side of either regular fries, sweet potato fries (SUPER GOOD), corn on the cob, plantains, or a mixed salad.

The burger names are pretty creative, like:  “Me haces sentir en el cielo” = “makes me feel like I’m in heaven”. We particularly loved the gouda and jalapeno stuffed hamburger and dipping our fries in each of the tasty house made sauces!

Since we are still in the Yucatan, also on their menu you’ll find fish or squash Baja-style tacos, as well as a few other seafood dishes like a Tuna flatbread or octopus with grilled veggies.

The burgers are beautifully done, cooked properly and prepared individually. No pre-made patties here, everything is cooked over an open flame BBQ. The prices are fair, with a burger running around $90-$120 pesos (roughly $5 – $7 USD). And the craft beer menu, which is fantastic, starts at around $70 pesos per beer.

So far this place has our vote for the best hamburgers in Playa del Carmen. That’s right, we said it! Enjoy the vibe, the food, and the fresh air at a very well done restaurant:   Mu Burger House!

Brad & Kelly Storhaug

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