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La Cueva del Chango

Published on November 14, 2016 by admin

When you’re searching for a new or different restaurant to try, what determines if it passes or fails the test?

For the majority of us, the first and foremost criterion is obvious: delicious food! Second might be the service, because poor service can ruin almost any dining experience. Third would probably be ambiance—does it draw you in and make you want to come back again?

Cueva del Chango is a great restaurant that you should experience for all of those factors!

When translated, the name of this delightful little restaurant is ‘The Monkey Cave’. You won’t be eating in a cave (which you can do at other restaurants, like ALUX), but you are dining in an open-air environment surrounded by trees and lush vegetation.

The setting makes for a pretty awesome experience. It feels like at any point during your meal you could look up and see a monkey swinging from the branches overhead. There are also several ponds with tiny turtles swimming around, along with a fountain. It’s all very soothing, and you may find yourself lingering after your meal just to enjoy the surroundings.

The Monkey Cave is just a short walk from your downtown condo! It is located on 38 Norte between 5th Ave and the sea. The menu consists mainly of natural Mexican food. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Meals are served on handmade clay pottery for an authentic touch.

Breakfast or brunch is a beautiful time to visit this restaurant, as it’s quiet and extremely peaceful and relaxing. All of their juices are squeezed right there and made with fresh fruit—we love Mexico for that! Enjoy a variety of chilaquiles or even some delicious French toast. The coffee is great too.

Dinner is an excellent time to dine here as well, where you can enjoy the hanging lanterns and lights nestled in the greenery that provide an exotic setting.

Enjoy the delicious food, friendly staff and service, and the very unique dining experience at Cueva del Chango in downtown Playa del Carmen. See if it makes your list of restaurants you just have to visit again and again!