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Grocery Shopping Tips

Published on January 18, 2016 by admin

One of the best parts of Mexico (besides the gorgeous white sand beaches and stunning turquoise water), has got to be the FOOD! There is such a variety of delicious local flavors to sample on your visit to Playa del Carmen!

You may decide you want to experience many of the spectacular restaurants Playa has to offer (you can refer to our restaurant reviews for more info). Or, you may decide you want to stay close to home and do a bit of cooking yourself.

Even if you aren’t planning to do much cooking, no doubt you’ll want to pick up a few things to keep in the condo…for those late-night card games or for just relaxing and snacking on the balcony while you watch the waves roll in! That means SHOPPING!

There are several main grocery stores fairly close to your beachfront condo. Pick the one closest to you!

Mega is easy to find, at the corner of 30th Ave & Constituyentes. Walmart is just a few blocks away, on 30th Ave & Calle 10, and Chedraui is on the corner of 45th Ave the highway. (If you’re a member, there’s also a Sam’s Club in Playacar; just off the highway at the south end of town. Great choice if you’re staying a while and need to stock up! Also there’s a City Club on the highway—kind of has a Costco feel but on a smaller scale.)

Beyond the main grocery stores, there are also many fresh fruit and vegetable markets throughout town. One that is very popular—with many international food items—is Dac. This is around the corner from Mega (30th Ave between Constituyentes & Calle 20).

There are a couple things to know here in Mexico about shopping.

  • The grocery stores here give very high exchange rates for the US dollar, so if you have American currency, this would be the prime place to use it.
  • Those sweet elderly people who help bag your groceries are generally volunteers, so it’s customary to tip them for their services. A general rule of thumb about 1 peso per bag. That knowledge could save you from some awkwardness!
  • If it happens to fall into the dates of your stay, Wednesday is fresh produce day at Mega. There are lots of discounts to be had but also long lines later in the day, so go early.

The only other real issue you might encounter is knowing the item name, and finding what you want to buy, since it is all in SPANISH. So if there’s something specific you’re looking for, download a translation app on your smart phone or bring along a Spanish phrasebook—you’ll save yourself some aggravation, and the locals will love that you’re willing to try speak their language!

Arriving late, without time to shop? Rentals Your Way offers a personal grocery shopping service where you can request items to have in your condo, ready for your arrival! It’s up to you!

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