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Grocery Shopping in Playa del Carmen

Published on April 21, 2014 by admin

​Grocery shopping in a foreign country can be a fun experience and a great way to learn the language! Shopping in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, is laid-back and unhurried.

There are several large grocery stores to choose from: Walmart, Chedraui, MEGA and Aki (in addition to City Club and Sam’s Club, which both require memberships).

Chedraui, named after the founding family, generally has the best-quality meat cuts and imported items. My Canadian friends and I enjoy getting products from home like root beer, slow-cooker spice packets, lemons, specialty cheeses, and Guinness! (Yes, here in Playa, the grocery stores conveniently sell alcohol! Don’t expect to buy alcohol on Sundays after noon, however, as local bylaws prohibit it.)

Wednesdays are fresh produce day at MEGA. Prime quality fruits and veggies are sold at a discounted rate; sometimes up to 50% off! Onions, bananas and zucchini go for 10 pesos per kilo (about 75 cents). Romaine lettuce is 7 pesos per head (about 52 cents). Be sure to arrive early in the day to get the best pick of the freshly-stocked items. When going through checkout, keep a few extra coins handy to tip the grocery bag attendants and you’ll be rewarded with a smile and “Gracias!”

Located 6 blocks from the beach, on the corner of 30th Ave and Constituyentes, MEGA is an easy distance from most condos managed by Rentals Your Way. It’s only a 15 or 20-minute stroll from Luna Encantada, El Faro, or Corto Maltes.

Grab a taxi on 10th Ave for a cheaper rate than you find on 5th (generally 30 pesos). Lined up outside of Walmart, Chedraui and MEGA are taxis waiting to take you back (for a slightly higher rate of 40 pesos for the convenience. Drivers will help you with your bags.)

Another option for the busy traveller is to order your groceries online for delivery! Visit for more information.


Walmart – 30th Ave & 8th Street; also 115th Ave & Colosio

Aki – 115th Ave & Juarez; 115th Ave & Constituyentes; also 30th Ave & 16th Street

Chedraui – Federal Highway & 1st Street

MEGA – 30th Ave & Constituyentes

City Club – Centro Maya mall on Federal Highway

Sam’s Club – Federal Highway near entrance to Playacar

Written by Kelly G.

Photo credit Miriam Testa

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