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Ernesto’s Fajita Factory

Published on October 9, 2017 by admin

When you think of authentic Mexican cuisine, it’s unlikely that fajitas are going to even come into your mind. Rightfully so, since fajitas, although now a staple all over the United States and Canada, are actually a Tex-Mex creation.

The interesting thing is that fajitas are generally made up of skirt steak (as it’s called in the US, or arrachera in Mexico). Arrachera is absolutely delicious, whether eaten as a steak or sliced into thin strips. So, when prepared properly, fajitas in Mexico are a treat!

You might have already guessed where you can find great fajitas on the island of Cozumel! Ernesto’s Fajita Factory is the place.

Located along the water on the main drag, Rafael Melgar, Ernesto’s is at about the 4km mark, just north of the 3 main international cruise ship terminals. There’s a indoor dining area and a deck that overlooks the water and provides gorgeous views of the Caribbean Sea.

The menu isn’t very extensive, but as the name suggests, fajitas are the specialty! There are a few other options such as quesadillas or enchiladas, and you can get some queso (cheese) dip to enjoy before your steaming plate of goodness arrives.

Ernesto’s is a perfect spot for fajitas, a beer and an ocean sunset. Sitting on the deck over the water and staring out over the calm, beautiful blue ocean is mesmerizing in itself! Combining that backdrop with just about anything to nibble on is good, but with a mouthwatering plate of sizzling arrachera, grilled peppers and onions along with authentic Mexican tortillas and an almost frozen cerveza to wash it down, it becomes a pretty stellar combination.

In your adventures on Cozumel be sure to check this place out. If you’re staying at Palmar or El Cantil, it’s just a hop, skip or jump from your beautiful condo. Visit Ernesto’s for maybe your first ever Mex-Tex fajitas!

By Brad & Kelly Storhaug

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