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Published on April 11, 2016 by admin

When you are in Playa del Carmen, there are a few types of food that you absolutely must eat. One such dish is a delicious juicy steak that is not often found in the US or Canada but is incredibly tasty–arrachera! 

El Diez is a prime option for succulent cuts of steak of many common varieties (my personal favorite being the arrachera). If you haven’t had it before, put it on the list my friends.

Since 2007, El Diez has been a part of Playa’s downtown scene. Located on the northern end of famous 5th Ave, on the corner of 30th street, El Diez is easy to find.

Even if steak is not your preference, the menu features far more than just the arrachera. They serve up a variety of Argentinian dishes, pizza and pasta…and they are all delicious. You can order up the authentic choripan (a delectable spiced sausage served hotdog style), or you could opt for chorizo estilo Argentino. Or how about a stuffed empanada baked to golden perfection? The chicken parmesan is excellent. If you’re after steak, you know what to order, right? ARRACHERA!

Since there are penguins in Argentina, you can order your own Pinguino! It’s a penguin-shaped carafe of either 750 mL or 350 mL of their excellent house wine; red or white. If you get the chance, sample some Fernet, Argentina’s favorite spirit. It’s a good digestif and super popular mixed with coke.

The simple style and elegance of El Diez makes for a wonderful dining experience. If you’ve had a long day in the sun and are maybe feeling a bit crispy, you can sit inside in the comfort of the air conditioning and still watch the goings-on of 5th Ave. Or you can be seated outdoors, street-side, to enjoy the sea breezes of Playa del Carmen.

This is a wonderful restaurant to stop in and enjoy during your stay in Playa. Fantastic service mixed with a great atmosphere and delicious food makes for a really good time at El Diez!