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Bob Marley’s Beach Bar

Published on June 9, 2018 by Kelly Storhaug

On the open and rugged easterly side of Cozumel, there are stunning vistas and beaches to enjoy! Find your beach away from the hustle and bustle of the cruise ports and shops. If you have the time during your stay on Cozumel, it is well worth it to make the little trip over to the quiet side of the island!

While you travel along the gorgeous coastline, there are a number of restaurants and shops for you to choose from as a pit stop or watering hole. It depends what your mood is…some spots are more chill, where you can soak in the beauty and listen to the waves crash. Others provide more of a party atmosphere, with music and activities.

Bob Marley’s beach bar provides a bit of both. Located near the southern tip of the island, it’s right on the bend of the coastal road, next to the entrance to Punta Sur Park.

You’ll quickly notice the reggae theme, with Bob Marley music playing (naturally), and t-shirts and handwritten notes decorating the walls of this open-air beach bar and restaurant. Grab a marker and time stamp your visit with a message on the wall that you can find again whenever you might choose to return to the island.

Bob Marley’s is a unique option, fun with a lot of ambiance. They have two restaurants:  Freedom in Paradise, which is the true beach bar, and Rastas, which is right across the street.

At Freedom in Paradise, you can sit up around the bar, where there is activity and the music is the loudest, or you can put your toes in the sand and pick one of the many tables that are on the beach.

Did we mention the views are incredible?

There is a volleyball net, massage tables, and hammocks in the shade if you want to relax, and a full bar and menu if you are hungry.

Our favorite thing to do here is get a icy cold bucket of beer or two, kick back and enjoy the island life!

The food is decent with fresh seafood options as well as bar fare, but you will probably pay more than you feel it is worth. If you are hungry or want to hang out for the day, then definitely order up some goodies.

If you’re looking to unwind and relax in the sunshine with a side of reggae, stop in at Bob Marley’s on your island tour.

By Brad & Kelly Storhaug

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