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Best Deep Dish Pizza in PDC!

Published on October 12, 2015 by admin

There is such a wonderful variety of Mexican food here in the Mayan Riviera. Couple that with the delicacies of the sea, and you could spend months tasting and trying different dishes all around Playa del Carmen!

Sometimes though, we have to feed our cravings. If you’re a lover of Italian food (and especially a pizza fan), you are going to want to squeeze in a meal at Don Chendo. This fantastic hole-in-the-wall is located
just a couple blocks from MEGA grocery store on Avenida 30 between Calle 24 and 26.

Many locals in the Playa Del Carmen area rave about Don Chendo’s Chicago-style deep dish pizza. It’s a craving that must be satisfied regularly!

We have several good choices for Italian food in Playa, but there’s only one deep dish pizza place—yep, it’s Don Chendo. Coming from someone who loves New York style pizza and who has never been a huge fan of deep-dish through the years…this place has made me a believer!

I have to recommend the Buffalo Chicken; it’s absolutely amazing. The little restaurant offers quite a few house-made pizzas like the California (mozzarella, Chendo sauce, spinach, artichoke hearts, and sundried tomatoes).

Can’t decide? Do half-and-half; for two great pizzas in one! Or you can create your own pizza with the variety of ingredients stocked in Chendo’s kitchen.

But pizza isn’t the only thing on the menu. They also serve other Italian dishes like old-school spaghetti & meat balls, chicken parm, and delicious double-butter fettuccini alfredo!

Like many pizzerias, they also deliver. So in the event you just want to stay at the beach or spend an evening in at your condo, give them a call. (Click here for their website.) They always have English speakers on staff if you’re nervous about calling! Last but not least, the staff make the visit complete. Everyone is very kind and courteous to all comers and make the meal a treat.

Put Don Chendo high on the must-try list for your next visit to Playa Del Carmen!