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Beach Sports

Published on July 27, 2015 by admin

It seems like there are two types of people you see on the beach—the couple who are relaxing with a nice book and some cold drinks, and then the guys who keep kicking their soccer ball into them.

At the beach, it’s all good; either you want to chill out and get away from it all or have lots of fun in the sun playing different beach sports. You may ask what sports can work on the beach? The variety may surprise you.

Probably the most well-known and popular pastime among tourists in Playa del Carmen is beach volleyball! Volleyball nets are set up on several beaches along the Riviera Maya coastline.

If you don’t belong to a resort that has its own net, finding one can be a little tricky. Unico beach in Puerto Morelos has a fantastic bar (complete with swings), and has a public net on a wide, powdery-soft stretch of beach. You may want to stay and play all day! Another great option is Señor Frog’s in Playa Del Carmen. This spot also has a trampoline, outdoor showers and jet skis for rent (right by the ferry terminal to Cozumel).

Remember you are in Mexico and the national sport is soccer—so if you like kicking a ball, why not at the beach? You will see games of sand soccer being played constantly. Throw down a couple flip flops for your goal and all you need is a ball! Now you’re ready to get crispy in the Caribbean sun.

If you’re like me and not so good with your feet, maybe you’d prefer to bring a football or Frisbee along with you. It can be as low-impact as a game of catch between drinks and a swim, or bring all your friends in and play a game of Two-Hand-Touch or Ultimate Frisbee.

A few other beach games that work for any group are Bocce Ball and Corn-hole or a bag toss! You can find everything you need at sporting goods stores in Playa or at one of the many grocery stores. Try Marti Sports, Walmart or Mega for the best selection.

Any of the above sports could be perfect for the relaxed crowd of people who just want to talk a little trash or have an excuse to stretch their legs between James Patterson novels.

Contributed by a local writer

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