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A Night at the Theater

Published on March 21, 2016 by admin

On July 29th of 2015, Playa del Carmen got a beautiful and modern 760-seat performing arts theater. Without a doubt, Playa is known to have artistic street performances and impromptu live serenades during your dinner. But this opens up a whole dimension to the artistic side of this growing city!

Since the theater’s grand opening, there have been dozens of free performances for the public to enjoy. These include piano recitals and dance performances featuring national talent and even concerts performed by the Quintana Roo Symphonic Orchestra. Each event has been very well-supported by the local community, with the theater being filled near capacity every time.

Sunday evenings are the prime time to catch a free cultural show; usually starting at 7pm. There’s something for everyone—ballet, cinema, shadow art, opera arias, interpretive dance, jazz quartets, blues bands, classical duets, etc.

This well-equipped building, called Teatro de la Ciudad, is placed on the western end of town (near Walmart la Cruz on Avenida 115). It offers good parking all around the theater as well as an ample parking lot on the south end of the building.

If you want to be the first to know about upcoming events and tickets, follow their Facebook page (under Teatro de la Ciudad). Not on Facebook? Often you’ll see posters around town advertising special events beforehand, or they’ll be listed in the local newspaper, Playa Times.

Truly this theater stands out as being a beautiful cultural addition in the ever-expanding city of Playa. It provides a great opportunity to throw on some nice clothes and take out your significant other for an enjoyable and affordable theater experience here in Mexico!

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