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3 Tips How to Handle Holiday Crowds

Published on November 2, 2017 by Kelly Storhaug

As the holidays approach, people from all over the world arrive at Cancun International Airport. Like an army of ants, streams of tourists pour out of the airport and jump into any one of the massive convoy of shuttles lined up outside the terminal.

If you don’t have pre-arranged transportation, it can get quite crazy and chaotic at times. This is especially true if you are traveling down to Playa del Carmen, which can take from 40 minutes to an hour.

One great option is to book a beautiful vacation condo through Rentals Your Way and get your airport transfers taken care of for free! No stress, no hassle.

If you book a stay between Dec 23rd and Dec 30th at any of our stunning Playa del Carmen beachfront condos, you can skip any lines or crowds and get straight to your lounge chair on the beach.

Speaking of lounge chairs, they become a hot commodity around Christmas break when properties are near full capacity. So get down to the beach early and pick out your spot so you can enjoy the beach and the sun exactly the way you want.

As a rule of thumb, doing anything early in the day is a great way to beat the holiday crowds. If you have a rough plan for what you want to do during your stay, that can go a long way to helping you maximize your time and enjoyment.

An example of that might be grocery shopping. If you were planning to cook a meal or two during your stay or just want to pick up some poolside snacks for your condo, hit the grocery store before 9am! Then you’re more likely to breeze through the aisles and check out quickly. If you go later in the day, you could end up spending hours of your precious vacation in line at the checkout – not cool.

Even easier–contact us to request groceries and we’ll take care of it. Your food and drinks will all be picked up and delivered to your condo, ready for your arrival!

When you do want to eat out, making a reservation will save you time and frustration! Check out OpenTable for contact info on hundreds of restaurants in the area and reserve your table at your favorite spot.

To avoid crowded beaches, venture out of town a little and explore some beautiful, lesser-known pieces of coastline. Click here for some great suggestions that are all within an hour’s drive from Playa del Carmen!

Wanting to visit one of the eco-parks in the area? Most of them are open 365 days a year, with weekends usually being the busiest times.

If you’ve got questions or concerns, let us know! We’re here to help make your vacation the best ever. Our bilingual staff are happy to offer practical suggestions; all you have to do is ask.

By Brad & Kelly Storhaug

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